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“We had our first block party in September. It was so much fun and we had an excellent turnout. I have lived on this street for many years and know most of the neighbors, but it was great to meet the others and to all hang out together. We intend to do it again this summer. We even set up a Facebook page for our neighborhood.” – D.S., Wilton, Conn.

“We organized the block party with short notice and were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to plan and how many people came. People of all ages responded and we met other families with kids that we would not have otherwise known. Everyone brought a snack to share and coolers with their drinks. We had tons of fun playing cornhole and the kids had a massive water balloon fight! They drenched the parents and really everyone got involved. We look forward to doing it again this year.” – E.D., Wilton, Conn.

“After our block party, our street changed. Kids are actually playing outside. Everyone from young couples to families to seniors are in their yards more. I see more people out walking their dogs. Neighbors go out of their way to say hello, stop and talk, and help one another.” E.S., Wilton, Conn.

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